Our History

Family Worship Centre started as a home gathering in Uxbridge back in mid–1970’s and was initially given the name of Emmanuel Full Gospel Fellowship. Our first pastor (Stanley Hammond) travelled from Toronto to Uxbridge on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings to minister to a small but faithful group of people.

A building project was soon established; land was purchased and building commenced on the current site. Our church building opened for its first service in May of 1980 and our first full-time pastor (Gordon Parks) was brought on at that time.

Pastor Parks stayed on to grow our church until 1988 when he moved to Peterborough and leadership was taken over by Pastor Tim Godfrey.

Our current Pastor (Jim Hackner) came into the leadership role in 1996 and the name of the church was changed in 1998 to Family Worship Centre to reflect our focus on families in our community. Pastor Jim and his wife Sandra continue to faithfully lead our congregation as well as manage a household of 5 children and a family-run dairy farm in the local area.

The Apostolic Church in Canada

Birthed out of the 1904-1905 Welsh Revival that spread throughout Britain, the Apostolic Church was founded on the basis of following the teachings of the Apostles who followed Christ. An evangelical church in the Pentecostal movement, the Apostolic Church believes in the supreme authority of the Scriptures as the Word of God and teaches that salvation with God can only be achieved by grace through faith alone. With a worldwide vision and a strong commitment to missions, the church has grown throughout the world with millions of members.

Our Canadian story began in 1927 when Robert Caldwell of Gaspereau, Nova Scotia attended an Apostolic church in Philadelphia while living there for a short period. Upon returning to Nova Scotia, he told others of the church that he had attended and subsequently an invitation was extended to Pastor Joseph Larkins of Philadelphia to visit Gaspereau to minister.

The first Apostolic Church in Canada was established in the home of Fred and Edna Jordan with nineteen members welcomed into the church under the direction of Verge Card as the first overseer. The following year a church building was built on Gaspereau Mountain and opened on June 10, 1928. Verge Card was called into ministry on June 22 to become the first Canadian pastor of The Apostolic Church in Canada.

Since that time multiple churches have been planted throughout Canada under the banner of The Apostolic Church in Canada.

For more information on the Apostolic Church in Canada, visit our national website at apostolic.ca.